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Your opinion is helping to shape the future of the Internet!

RelevantKnowledge, a Comscore company, has partnered with Trees for the Future to plant 50,000 trees each month on behalf of members of our research communities. By taking just a couple of minutes to complete the registration process, you will be contributing to the future of the Internet and the future of our environment!

Since 2008, we have given over 18 million trees to be part of forest gardens and farms all over the world. A forest garden is a tiered approach that Trees for the Future uses to help communities earn income by planting a variety of trees, shrubs, and crops and then train local families to farm and tend to them. The 18 millions trees planted so far is the equivalent of 4,500 forest gardens and helps employ 1.35 million farmers. At least 30% of the farmers are women. By continuing your active membership in RelevantKnowledge you empower people all over the world.

Trees for the Future believes that planting trees provides families with more than just food. It provides income, empowerment, unity, leadership, education and even saves lives. When we can teach people to value themselves and their environment, they see amazing improvements in their standard of living.